MaryAnn Brewer lives on a small horse farm in Central New Jersey observing what is natural in the world of  horses.  Living “In the Company of Horses” for 25 years and always striving to create relationships and environments that mirror wild horses.  Mary Ann has created a “Paddock Paradise” (track system) for the horses to live on to create consistent movement, encourage foraging and to allow horses to train each other to move together as a herd through water and varied terrain, over bridges and up and down creek banks.  The herd consists of 6 mares 1 stallion and 1 gelding.

This Blog is dedicated to “Sterling” moments; those little things that raising a young intact colt become lessons, not only in horsemanship, but life!

MaryAnn is the Co- Founder and Equine Specialist at In the Company of Horses Inc. Since 2006 In the Company of Horses has facilitated over 8000 people in the arenas of Equine Assistant Psychotherapy and Learning Experiences for humans from all walks of life. Through the years Mary Ann has become a keen observer of both humans and horses making her a unique Student of the horse and Teacher of Horsemanship Naturally.

Feel free to call or write 609-330-2444 info@inthecompanyofhorses.com.

To make a donation to our fund for scholarships 501(c)3 NonProfit Corporation Equine Assisted Therapy and Handicap Riding of NJ email us at info@equineassistedtherapyofnj.org

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