Positive Reinforcement – The Solution! (I hope)

We are into our fourth session.  The first one was WAAAY TOOO LOOONG.  I learned from that and now do much shorter sessions.  I knew the first session was too long because after I got through the third leg, Sterling was not interested anymore.  Today’s session was very clear to him, when his foot was softly in the air, he got paid, if he was pawing or throwing it out in front, No Pay. Being positive is FUN! Image

I first played around with having Valentine put her nose on an old feed bag that we use for a prop at work. It took 8 minutes – tops. So I had high expectations!   The coolest part of Valentine’s single session was that she is always rooting around looking for something in my pocket, she learned in that one short session rooting equals nothing.  Looking for the answer is the answer!  She was funny, when I was done, I left her in the arena and the bag was in there, I went to the viewing room, she first followed me, then she went to put her nose on the bag.  just waiting!  Continue reading